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Discover & Inventory All Your APIs.

INVENTORY (Posture Management)

Discover All Your APIs

Metlo scans your mirrored network traffic and creates an inventory of all endpoints in your APIs.
Metlo's agent-less approach lets you setup traffic scanning on AWS, GCP or Azure in <5 minutes.
All of your data stays in your cloud.
INVENTORY (Posture Management)

Identify PII Data

Metlo scans your API traffic for PII Data like Credit Card Numbers, SSNs and Addresses.
Find all your APIs delivering sensitive information in one place.
INVENTORY (POsture Management)

Prioritize API Endpoints by Risk

Metlo assigns each Endpoint a Risk Score based on PII Data and Usage to help you prioritize which endpoints to secure.
Are You ready?

Inventory, Test and Protect Your APIs with Metlo

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Akshay Shekhawat
February 28, 2023

Launching Metlo API Security

Launching our API Security Product.