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October 6, 2021
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Announcing our Metric Store

Akshay Shekhawat & Shri Sukhani

You know the drill: Leadership asks how a new product launch affected a vital business metric like user churn. The product team reports that their experiment reduced churn from 25% to 20% but finance reports that churn has consistently been at 30%! For companies with a lot of data (and many people using it), standardizing how a metric is defined causes constant pain.

Today, we're launching our Metric Store, the single source of truth for all business metrics. Previously, attempts to solve the metric standardization problem have been to write more documentation. However, this inevitably results in mission-critical knowledge dispersed in Google Docs, Internal Wikis, and Slack Messages across an organization. When it's challenging to find out how to compute a metric, it paralyzes decision-making across the board.

Companies like Uber and Airbnb have solved this problem internally with a metrics layer in their data stack — a new layer that sits between your data warehouse and all downstream tools. The metrics layer not only standardizes metrics but democratizes access for all stakeholders to easily use standardized metrics!

With Metlo's metric store, Data Practitioners can define a metric once in Metlo, and others can use it in their tools of choice, just by its name. We offer native integrations with BI tools like Looker, Tableau, and Sisense (many more coming soon). More technical users can use our SQL Interface, Python SDK, or REST API to build operational applications and predictive models! With Metlo, every stakeholder in the org has access to the correct data for any metric.

At Uber, I had the opportunity to build an early version of their metric store, and Shri was a power user of Facebook's MDF. Having seen the fantastic tools these companies have, we're both extremely excited to build similarly excellent and powerful tooling for data practitioners everywhere else!

Our Metric Store is just the start of our journey to make Data Practitioners' lives 10x better. We're incredibly excited to share more as we progress.

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