Single source of truth for all your business metrics

Create metrics once in Metlo. Use them in all your tools of choice.

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Most advanced metric store yet

Metlo's metric store unifies batch (analytics) and streaming (operational, ML) use cases in a single source of truth platform. With Metlo, everyone in the company speaks the same language of metrics.

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SQL-first metric store

Use SQL to define metrics, dimensions, and health checks etc. No custom frameworks necessary.

Amazon Kinsesis logo -- Metlo users can build metrics on top of their Kafka / Kinesis streams

Real-time metric streaming

Create metrics on top of your Kafka or Kinesis streams for real-time data to power ML + ops use cases

Define once.
Use everywhere.

Define metrics once in Metlo to use them in all your tools of choice

Programmatic access graphic -- Metlo users can query their metrics using SQL, our REST API or our Python SDK

Programmatic access

Query your metrics using SQL, our Python SDK, or our REST API

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Metric Alerts

Set up custom health and quality checks on your metrics in SQL to get alerts when they fail

Git icon. Metlo enables git-based version control for all your business metrics

Git-based Version Control

Safely evolve metric definitions over time with git-based version control

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