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The Open Source API Security Platform

Inventory, Test and Protect your API with Metlo’s best in class API security platform
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What can you do with Metlo?

Inventory, Test, and Protect All Your APIs with Metlo.

More than 90% of companies suffered
an API security
incident in the last year.
Test and Protect your APIs against the
and more with Metlo
Catalog (posture management)

Find & Catalog All Your APIs, Automatically.

Metlo scans your mirrored network traffic to create a catalog of all your APIs - even the undocumented, legacy, and shadow APIs
Each endpoint is then scanned for sensitive data and given a risk score.
Finally, Metlo automatically generates OpenAPI Specs for all your APIs!
TESTING (Shift left)

Find API Vulnerabilities Before They Make It Into Production.

Don’t wait for an attack to discover API vulnerabilities. Metlo’s suite of automated tests and our security testing framework let you find vulnerabilities in development.
Metlo’s built in testing framework integrates directly with your CI/CD and helps you get to 100% Security Coverage on your highest risk APIs.

Detect API Attacks In Real Time.

After an API vulnerability is discovered, intruders can quickly start the process of extracting sensitive data.

Metlo alerts your security team as soon as anomalous API usage patterns are detected.
Our ML Algorithms build a model for baseline API behavior. Any deviation from this baseline is surfaced as soon as detected.
Metlo’s gives you full context around any attack to help quickly fix the vulnerability.

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Why Metlo?

Open Source
Our open source product allows you to get value and start securing your API right away. No need to talk to a sales rep first.
Testing First
Don’t wait for an attack to fix important API vulnerabilities.

Metlo’s automated security testing let you find API vulnerabilities before they make it into production.
Best in Class Attack Detection
Our ML Models detect almost all API Attacks as they are happening.